Hello! I am a flower gardener—a lifelong plant researcher. Ridiculously obsessed with garden plants of all types, some people describe me as a “plant person.” As a professional designer, I prefer to define myself as someone who is constantly exploring plants, but realizes that throughout one’s life, one is constantly learning. That’s the real purpose of this blog. Stay curious, discover and learn about the world of plants.

Being a consummate optimist, I try to focus more on all the good things about life, plants, and gardening, and while I know I’m lucky enough to have a greenhouse, a large garden, and the means to do so, it helps that I also to me “I am blessed to have this rare gift

As a curious creator, I’ve always wanted to find, collect and raise amazing rare or unusual plants as a personal hobby of mine! I think I do take it a step further because as a designer, aesthetics are just as important to me.