Planting Cypress Vine

I really enjoy growing all kinds of plants inside bonsai, it makes me happy at every moment. Today I am sharing a cypress vine.

Cypress Vine, Ipomoea quamoclit looks stunning in my pots, even when just starting to grow as a seedling. By September it’ll be full grown with canes about 5 feet long, but you can prune them or try to roll them back up. There are also white and pink flowers to enjoy.
Cypress vines with white flowers look very elegant as potted plants in the garden. The only bad habit is that the flowers don’t fall off but pick up like dirty socks, so remove them every day.

The Spanish Flag Vine has lush foliage but has not yet flowered in early August. The vine in the centre is Ipomoea quamoclit, the cypress vine, and on the right is a selection of Thunbergia or Black-eyed Susan vines called “Tangerine Slice Appeal” available from proven winners, a sterile, high performance selection, but which can also be grown from seed. Seed grown strains can be used as well. I have noticed that the seed-grown plants are less showy than the more expensive newer varieties, and the colours often fade, but all perform well.

Thunbergia or Black-eyed Susan vines are always a good choice for large containers. I especially like them in window frames as I train them around the window with wire. The flowers don’t stop until frost comes.


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