My farm daily sharing

It’s been hot, but until recently it looked nice and lush. But the heat and drought are not serious problems; the problem is. The caterpillars are loving it. The bay mussels we like to fly around the garden find the plant and lay their eggs. These spiny orange larvae look hateful, but as long as you don’t eat them, they’re harmless.

Whenever the weather is dry, it is really a big test for me, I need to water a lot of flowers and plants on the farm. It is needed every day, otherwise it will be killed by the sun and the plants will wither. My farm will be a big loss!

In autumn, the butterflies reach their peak with dozens of them enjoying the beautiful autumn flowers. Now we’ll get more once they’ve produced their chrysalises and are enjoying the flowers autumn brings. Expect “cold” winds this week with temperatures dropping below 100 degrees and 0.3 degrees of rain Saturday night. Better weather is on the way. I’m looking forward to the rains because my farm babies need them!

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