Rare Annuals and Gardens

My new border garden is about as complete as it can be, but like all good garden designs, it takes a lot of time to develop the design. This urn is temporary until I find suitable objects to centre the design and still need to set out the walkway, will probably use gravel, pea stones and cobbles but even if incomplete it already looks good.

Large varieties of Salinette. Purpurescens ‘Kiwi Blue’ is a secret favourite of many gardeners. These large seeds are also rare in garden centres and they are not only easy to sow, but also grow very quickly. I usually sow too early, but again, by pinching, the plants branched out and by the end of May, the plants in 4 inch pots were already an impressive size. Mass into the border as all annuals should be planted – in groups of 20 or 30 plants.

By far my favourite annual in my garden last year was: the Phacelia Campanularia. These are just starting to bloom in pots, but they put on a sensational show in the border last June. This is a native wildflower to our area and you will definitely need to grow these indoors from seed as early as possible, but I think they are well worth the effort. I’ll let you know how they do in containers, but I’ve also placed about 25 plants in the border and a few in a friend’s garden.



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