Tour farm sharing

I am also designing my own farm in this very space, and considered how he could plant the right plants, in the right places, with such precision? I’ll be talking about how the tiniest details of perception will determine which plants will go there.

Of course, this skill takes time and practice, as well as an intimate knowledge of the plants and locations. If this has been done long enough, it can become second nature. Part of this is trying and figuring out how the plants work.

Stopping in the middle of a plantation and wanting the chance to immerse yourself in it. The gardens were overflowing with joy. It was a celebration of plants and how they should be grown together. Each plant seemed to be at its peak, as if each was in its rightful place.
I’m a big fan of the clematis ‘Rooguchi’; here it is climbing up the mostly hidden hazel branches and I’ve noticed they use this technique on taller plants like ground elm. Gentian Sage in electric blue. Discussed the frustration of Amsonia hubrichtii and how I saw it in the wild last April. How pink maryjane feeds monarch butterflies in the spring. And, how to get the experience of this plant on a lone zinnia tree and think that the glaucous foliage matches the colour of the place. As I walked along the slightly curved path, each plant seemed to speak to me.

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